The 33 Best Types of Marketing Collateral: The Massive Guide for Better Marketing Material

It is only one page, which includes one type of Call-to-Action. So it focuses on the most important aspects and benefits of your product and service.

Landing PageLanding Page

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When to Use a Landing Page

All of your marketing campaigns should have dedicated landing pages[32]. Here’s the advantage of having a landing page, compared to using your homepage for all of your ad campaigns: You can easily adjust and rebuild it, according to the specs of your campaign.

How to Create a Landing Page

If you don’t want to code pages yourself, you can use tools like Unbounce, Instapage, or Leadpages. They create stunning landing pages within seconds. [33][34][35]

? Finetuning landing pages is super important. Design collaboration tools[36] like Filestage[37] helps you easily collaborate on the landing page layout with colleagues and/or client.

One piece of targeted marketing collateral that every business should have are landing pages. Landing pages allow you to make the most of your advertising and inbound marketing efforts by having a specific page to drive traffic to where you can provide a personalized offer to visitors in an effort to capture leads or make a sale. Essentially, instead of driving all your traffic to your website, you’re able to segment your audience and send them to a page that speaks more directly to them which allows you to improve your conversion rate. 

Additionally, landing pages are a great place to tie in other pieces of marketing collateral like testimonials, whitepapers, ebooks, etc. to further a business’ objectives of generating leads or making a sale. 

Josh Brown, Content Manager at Sales & Orders[38]

10. List of partners or vendors

A list of partners or vendors will demonstrate powerful collaborations with leaders from other or similar industries. If you work with trustworthy companies, you must be trustworthy as well (at least in the eyes of your prospects).

Partners and VendorsPartners and Vendors

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When to Use a List of Partners and Vendors

If you’re collaborating with a popular company, proudly present these partnerships on your website.

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