The 33 Best Types of Marketing Collateral: The Massive Guide for Better Marketing Material

Review and approve marketing collateralReview and approve marketing collateral

With Filestage[4], all of your feedback is clear and transparent – it’s the perfect way to make sure your creative brief is created as quickly and accurately as possible.

3. Review and Approval: Marketing <> Design

Now that your creative professionals have a detailed creative brief in their hands, they’ll be able to work their magic. Once they have a first draft ready they should upload it to Filestage so that all of the necessary stakeholders can leave their feedback.

It is simple to invite internal and external collaborators using Filestage. You can decide to invite reviewers using their email address, for instance, or simply copy a review link that can be shared using your preferred contact method:

collaboration on marketing collateralcollaboration on marketing collateralDepending on your collateral, you might have multiple review steps. Filestage makes it easy for you to add new steps so that your marketing collaterals are reviewed appropriately and polished to perfection.

collaborating on marketing materialscollaborating on marketing materials

4. Optional: Approval by Management

It might sometimes be necessary for high-level stakeholders to review particular marketing collateral. If that’s the case, Filestage[5] makes it easy to invite those stakeholders to review the collateral.

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