The 33 Best Types of Marketing Collateral: The Massive Guide for Better Marketing Material

    • Why do we need this particular marketing collateral?
    • What do we need marketing collateral to communicate to audiences?
    • What are the specific goals we have for the marketing collateral?
    • How will we structure the marketing collateral to achieve those goals?
  • How will the marketing collateral look/sound/feel?

Sometimes, the concept has to be created in cooperation with internal or external stakeholders.

2. Briefing

Now that the concept has been agreed upon, the marketing team needs to turn that abstract concept into an actionable briefing. This creative brief needs to give every stakeholder a clear idea of the project. It should include all the key information so that stakeholders can use it as a guide while working on the project.

Here’s a sample collateral creative brief from Filestage. Feel free to make a copy:[2]

Creative briefCreative briefOnce the brief has been completed, marketing should share it with the team members responsible for the creation of the collateral. This can be done within Filestage [start your free trial here][3] – the tool makes it simple for project stakeholders to review the brief, request changes, ask for clarification, and agree on the final brief.

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