The 33 Best Types of Marketing Collateral: The Massive Guide for Better Marketing Material

While there are countless types of marketing collateral pieces out there the one I think is most important is a business card. I lean towards one with nothing or very little printed on the back. Why you ask – so when you meet someone and they don’t have a business card you have a space to write their information on. It is the most tried and true piece we could ever have – if you’re talking paper.

People keep business card; they attach them to their refrigerator, store them on their desk or keep them in their wallet or purse. Most other pieces, while they might get read, are tossed if not immediately eventually. When was the last time you kept anything besides a business card? 

If you’re talking electronically, then I would say a LinkedIn profile is the most important marketing piece. Both for individuals and businesses. It’s everything you need to know when researching a person, business or organization.

And now, with the new ‘find nearby’ feature if you have connected with someone before and see them at a networking event and don’t remember their name – by opening up ‘find nearby’ it will show which of your contacts are where you are at. (assuming they are also using the feature) You immediately have access to their information and their picture. 

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