The 33 Best Types of Marketing Collateral: The Massive Guide for Better Marketing Material

Offline Marketing Collateral

25. Brochures

Brochures should be well-designed and provide information about your business, your product, and/or your services. Use visual elements to make them appealing.


(Image Source: Behance[83])

When to Use Brochures

You should use brochures if you need physical marketing collateral that can be easily handed to prospects without being expensive. You can easily print thousands of brochures for big events without blowing your budget.

How to Create Brochures

These days, you no longer need a designer to create an appealing product brochure[84]. You can use tools like Canva, or capitalize on available brochure templates[86]. If you don’t have the capacity to create brochures yourself, you can also hire a graphic design agency like Inkbot Design[87].[85]

26. Business Cards

Business cards are essential for every businessperson who has any contact with external businesspeople. Although they’re considered old school, everyone is still using them. And it’s obvious why: They allow you to swap contact information in a very quick and frictionless way.

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