The 33 Best Types of Marketing Collateral: The Massive Guide for Better Marketing Material

16. Price List

This list includes the prices of all your products and services, and it can be easily sent to prospects. And of course, it can be both digitalized and printed.

Price ListPrice List

(Image Source:[56])

When to Use a Price List

If you have a lot of different products and services, you don’t need to publish a price list directly on your website, where it can be seen by all visitors (including your competitors). Instead, you can send the list out whenever somebody is interested.

How to Create a Price List

Of course, you can use sophisticated tools like Photoshop to design your price list. If you aren’t sending out 100 emails per day (including this list), keep it simple. Open a Google or Word doc, and create a table that includes your products/services and the related prices.[57]

17. Product Comparison Pages

Believe it or not: You’re not the only choice for your prospects. They’re always comparing products and services. Make sure that they can easily compare your product/service to your competitors by creating a product-comparison page.

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