The 33 Best Types of Marketing Collateral: The Massive Guide for Better Marketing Material

How to Create Company Folders

A service like Company Folders easily provides excellent folders. [96]

29. Company/Product/Service Fact Sheet

Fact sheets about companies, products, or services are great sources of information for prospects. They summarize the most important information on one page, while being well- designed.

Product Fact SheetProduct Fact Sheet

(Image Source: Xtensio[97])

When to Use Company/Product/Service Fact Sheets

You should always use fact sheets when you want to provide a relatively large number of prospects with physical marketing collateral. It’s relatively easy and cheap to produce them, and they offer a lot of valuable information.

How to Create Company/Product/Service Fact Sheets

There are many templates available. Use one of them, and print the sheets in your local copy shop.[98]

30. Direct Mail

Most companies concentrate on sending outbound emails. In fact, only a small percentage still use direct mail. Utilize this opportunity, and surprise your prospects and customers, especially if you’re in a digitalized industry.

Direct MailDirect Mail

(Image Source: Autopilot[99] and Heal[100])

When to Use Direct Mail

If you want to conduct a national marketing campaign, use direct mail as an additional channel, and test the impact.

How to Create Direct Mail

Creating good direct mail is hard. Today, less direct mail is sent because people are reluctant to do anything but throw it away. Nevertheless, you can find the Top 10 direct mail providers from 2017 here.[101]

31. Branded Envelopes

Branded Envelopes are the offline version of the email signature. Use branded envelopes to stand out. Letters are sent each day. Why shouldn’t you use this easy marketing tool?

Branded EnvelopesBranded Envelopes

(Image Source: Axiom Designs[102])

When to Use Branded Envelopes

You should always use branded envelopes when you’re sending letters.

How to Create Branded Envelopes

You can use a service like to design and order your individual envelopes.[103]

32. Flyers

Flyers are quite similar to brochures, but they aren’t folded. They should attract attention by being well-designed, and engage prospects by being well-written.

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