The 33 Best Types of Marketing Collateral: The Massive Guide for Better Marketing Material

13. Portfolio

A portfolio can be especially interesting for creating products or services. Are you are building websites for your customers? Make sure that you put all the websites you’ve designed so far on your own website, and add them to your portfolio.


(Image Source: Toyfight[49])

When to Use a Portfolio

You can either present your portfolio directly on your website, or use an external service like Crevado. Either way, make sure that it can be accessed online. An offline portfolio is no longer enough. [50]

How to Create a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio requires compiling a collection of your best work. You can learn how to create the perfect portfolio on sites like Canva and Creative Blog.[51][52]

14. Press Mentions/Clip File

Is your company mentioned in the news? Perfect. You must be very important (and trustworthy) if popular media sources are favorably reporting about you all the time, eh? Gather these press mentions, create a clip file, add it to your website, and update it regularly.

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