The 33 Best Types of Marketing Collateral: The Massive Guide for Better Marketing Material

If you’re talking electronically, then I would say a LinkedIn profile is the most important marketing piece. Both for individuals and businesses. It’s everything you need to know when researching a person, business or organization.

And now, with the new ‘find nearby’ feature if you have connected with someone before and see them at a networking event and don’t remember their name – by opening up ‘find nearby’ it will show which of your contacts are where you are at. (assuming they are also using the feature) You immediately have access to their information and their picture. 

Bottom line – the business card still wins in the marketing collateral game. They are kept, read and remembered. 

Laura Mael, Marketing/PR Expert

27. Calendars

Calendars make great marketing collateral. Everyone needs a calendar and is happy to get one for free. So provide your prospects with a free calendar that’s branded with your expectations.

That way, your prospects and customers are reminded of you and your company each and every day, all year long. Of course, you can also brand and provide other useful things, such as pens or cups.


(Image Source: Steph Olson[93])

When to Use Calendars

Calendars can be used when you are searching for physical marketing collateral that should be given away for free, for example on an event.

How to Create Calendars

You can either use online printing services (including their drag-and-drop calendar editors). Or you can create the calendar on your own by (again) using Canva and printing the calendars in your local copy shop. [94]

28. Company Folders

Company folders contain comprehensive information about your business. They should include some brochures, your business cards, a company or product presentation, and other relevant documents. Make sure that the folder design captures the attention of your prospects and stands out.

Company FolderCompany Folder

(Image Source: Behance[95])

When to Use Company Folders

You should use company folders each time you want to provide prospects with a comprehensive collection of information while making it as easy as possible for them to go through the materials.

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