Kickstart collaboration across your team with Workspaces from PitchBook

Efficient collaboration has always been essential for getting great work done. It’s the driving force behind many of PitchBook’s latest features[1], including collaborative lists, searches and market maps. In 2020, as COVID-19 shuttered office buildings and much of the global labor force transitioned to working from home, we’ve all become more aware of the importance of working well together—even when we’re alone[2].

Using PitchBook’s new Workspaces feature, teams can get and stay organized, as well as facilitate better communication across their firms. Beyond that, teams can utilize Workspaces to share, organize and customize expert-level insights and data surfaced by PitchBook analysts and create centralized hubs for project-relevant files and reports.

Working together seamlessly not only helps your team accomplish today’s goals, but also aides in establishing beneficial patterns that will last into the future—when a new, post-coronavirus normal comes into view. Diving deeper into the feature, here are some of the ways you can utilize Workspaces:

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