FISION Named #1 Software Company in Minnesota by Twin Cities Business Magazine

[2] (OTCQB:
[3], a leading digital asset management and sales
enablement platform, has been named the #1 software company in Minnesota
by Twin Cities Business (TBC) magazine. FISION is the category winner in
the publication’s 2018
Best of Business Reader’s Choice Awards

According to Adam Platt, executive editor at Twin Cities Business
magazine: “Sales and marketing co-workers often don’t speak the same
language or take advantage of each other’s capabilities. FISION Corp. in
Minneapolis seeks to simplify matters and bring sales and marketing
together with cloud-based software for managing and tailoring
businesses’ collateral and communications.”

Founded in 2011, FISION now has more than 65,000 users across 21
countries who benefit from more effective collaborations between these
two essential disciplines. Some of the company’s Fortune 500 customer
[5]is located in Minneapolis. Last year, the company acquired
Minneapolis-based Volerro Corp., adding workgroup content creation
capabilities to its platform. In August, it announced
[6]plans to merge with Continuity Logic, a leading provider of
cloud-based business continuity and risk management solutions.

FISION offers digital asset management, sales enablement, and other
sales tools for large companies in health care, hospitality, financial,
insurance, software, and technology. It empowers distributed sales teams
and local marketers to quickly and easily customize and distribute
timely, relevant, multi-channel campaigns without sacrificing brand or
legal compliance.

“Workplace decisions have consequences,” noted Platt in the article
announcing the winners. “Deploying your company’s resources requires due
diligence—but you can’t rely on online comments (as you do when picking
a restaurant) nor your competitor’s opinions. That’s where Best of
Business comes in.”

For this year’s winners, TCB surveyed its more than 70,000 monthly
readers, asking top executives and decision-makers, which comprise
three-quarters of its readership, for vendor recommendations in common
business service categories. The results included businesses big and
small, “primed to serve companies of all sizes and budgets.”

According to FISION CEO, Mike Brown: “Essential to providing the very
best in sales enablement and agile marketing software solutions is our
ability to provide an incredible user experience for our customers.
We’re very proud of this award and the recognition it brings, as it
reflects our success in this endeavor with the business owners and
decision makers who know us the best.”

FISION provides the complete digital asset solution, from
brand-compliant ideation and creation, to distribution and measurement.
“Our solution goes beyond traditional sales enablement,” explained Jason
Mitzo, FISION’s Chief Revenue Officer, “creating a true agile marketing
solution that fully enables our clients to win in the marketplace.”

Several large enterprises from a range of industries have adopted
FISION, including a national financial services company, a global
provider of aerospace and building systems, a top provider of online
higher education, and an operator of the world’s largest business
network. Even a Super Bowl-winning National Football League team is now
a customer.

Earlier this year, FISION was awarded
it second U.S. patent
[7] that protects the proprietary systems and
methods-of-use surrounding its digital asset management technology. The
patents validate the exceptional level of innovation and capability
represented in the FISION platform, as well as the unique value
proposition its offers enterprise customers and channel partners

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About FISION Corporation

Founded in 2011, Minneapolis-based FISION is a leading, global provider
of agile marketing software that simplifies collaboration across global
organizations, and more effectively manages brand and marketing content.
FISION’s patented technology allows marketing and sales teams to work
better together by enabling them to more quickly and easily create,
distribute and measure the performance of compelling, localized,
on-brand communications. FISION brings unrivaled capabilities to clients
across more than 20 countries, which include some of the world’s largest
corporations in healthcare, hospitality, financial/insurance, software,
and technology.

Volerro Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of FISION, provides a
SaaS platform that simplifies how enterprise teams create, refine and
distribute content. By streamlining content production and team
coordination, its cloud-based collaboration service eliminates “content
chaos” among product, brand, marketing, and creative teams. Volerro’s
ReVu.Me cloud app allows team members to work on the same document in
real-time with integrated chat and voice conferencing. For more
information, visit[9].

For additional information, call 1-866-378-2506 or visit[10]

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these forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new
information, future events, or otherwise.


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