Allego and Seismic Form Strategic Partnership to Optimize Sales Readiness With Personalized Content, Learning and Collaboration, All in One Place

NEEDHAM, Mass. & SAN DIEGO–([1])–Allego[2] and Seismic[3] today announced a strategic partnership to help sales and marketing organizations improve performance by providing a central resource for all of their personalized sales collateral, customer engagement videos, and relevant just-in-time learning material. The companies have completed a technology integration, which combines Allego’s leading sales learning and readiness platform with Seismic’s best-in-class solution for sales enablement.

Through the integration, even the most seasoned sales professionals will benefit from seeing relevant videos that depict examples of strong delivery and compelling messaging alongside the collateral that they intend to utilize. Additionally, sales reps will be able to improve customer conversations with easy-to-create, personal, interactive videos from Allego that can now be accessed, shared, and tracked just like collateral within Seismic. Beyond that, all of these processes generate consumption data that allows sales, marketing, and sales enablement teams to analyze engagement and optimize their coordination across both Seismic and Allego for the best possible results and buyer conversations.

Research[4] has shown that sales teams often underperform because of gaps in the perceptions, attitudes and information flows between internal stakeholders and sales reps. It is critical for reps to have access to the most up-to-date information in the right place and at the right time. By providing sales organizations with a central repository of relevant and updated content that is easy to access and search, Allego and Seismic will enable sales reps to deliver presentations more effectively, use current messaging that will have the greatest impact, and make the most of every customer interaction.

“It is essential to provide our customers with every possible go-to-market advantage, which is why we partner with industry leaders like Allego,” said Doug Winter, Seismic co-founder and CEO. “By integrating our two offerings, we are maximizing the capabilities of both technologies. Seismic and Allego are making sellers even more effective at their craft thanks to easily accessible learning material and content. Customers can have more meaningful buyer conversations that are rooted in content engagement analytics and show what is resonating with buyers and what is not.”

The integration will provide the following benefits for joint Allego and Seismic customers:

  • Engage customers more effectively with video: Sales teams can improve customer interactions with compelling, personalized videos easily authored in Allego and then shared via Seismic. Shared videos, just like shared collateral, can be managed, tracked, and analyzed for engagement indicators in a consistent way that utilizes the best capabilities of both platforms.
  • Provide effective just-in-time learning alongside sales collateral: Sales reps benefit from Allego-captured videos, or brief micro-learning courses that are associated with specific collateral items. The just-in-time learning material provides expert guidance, or seller-captured examples of the best messaging and delivery style to unlock the potential of sales collateral stored in Seismic.
  • Ensure sales teams are onboarding and training on up-to-date content: Managers can rest easy knowing that Seismic-hosted content that is shared via Allego training courses will always automatically reflect updated approved versions, so future reps or new hires will always encounter the latest documents, branding, and messaging.

“As the leading sales readiness platform, Allego ensures that more than 200,000 users have the latest skills and timely knowledge to maximize each selling situation every day,” said Yuchun Lee, CEO and co-founder of Allego. “Partnering with an industry leader like Seismic enables us to deliver the most comprehensive sales learning approach for our customers. By integrating with Seismic, we are not only providing our joint customers access to the knowledge and skills required to harvest more of their revenue pipeline, but also equipping reps with the ability to create and manage the content needed for every selling scenario.”

“We are very pleased about this new partnership. Allego and Seismic individually have already added tremendous value to T. Rowe Price. Integrating their offerings will help our sales teams even more,” said CJ Nesher, Head of USI Client Skills Development at T. Rowe Price. “Allego and Seismic enable our teams to learn all of our sales collateral and the soft skills needed to drive high quality interactions with our clients. This integration will directly impact their continued success.”

For more information on the Allego and Seismic integration, visit[5] or[6].

About Seismic

Seismic is the recognized leader in sales and marketing enablement, equipping global sales teams with the knowledge, messaging, and automatically personalized content proven to be the most effective for any buyer interaction. Powerful content intelligence and analytics enable marketers to prove and improve their impact on the bottom line, revealing what is really driving revenue and what needs to be adjusted. The result for global enterprises like IBM, American Express, PayPal, and Quest Diagnostics is better win rates, larger deals, and higher customer retention. Seismic is headquartered in San Diego with additional offices in North America, Europe, and Australia.

To see how Seismic is being used by companies in your industry, visit[7].

About Allego

Allego’s modern sales learning and readiness platform ensures that reps have the skills and timely knowledge to make the most of each selling situation. Instead of traditional onboarding and sales training marathons–which are rapidly outdated and quickly forgotten–sales enablement and training teams use Allego to deliver the fresh, bite-sized learning that reps need to close deals in today’s dynamic business environment. Content is personalized for individual sellers as well as their selling situations, and mastered through reinforcement, on-the-job coaching, and peer collaboration. More than 200,000 professionals use Allego to onboard faster, deliver consistent messaging, rapidly adopt best practices, coach and practice more frequently, and collaborate more effectively. To learn more about Allego and modern learning, please visit[8].

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